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“GROUP FORMING NOW:  The World’s Premier MONSTER Pike Factory Where A 50″+ Fish Could Be Just One Cast Away. Join Our Group Of Six Anglers In The Summer Of 2018”

When most people think about Alaska, they think of salmon or maybe mousing for rainbow trout. Rarely do you hear about the Northern Pike, but the truth is, Alaska is arguably your best shot at a trophy pike in the world. The sheer number of 40″ pike in this specific part of Alaska is truly mind boggling and get this… on an average trip, each angler boats not just one, but multiple 40″ pike. That’s not all. 50″ pike are caught every year with the camp record sitting at a staggering 54″. Guides will tell you that they spot even larger fish every year. This truly is a monster pike factory.

The fishing program offered here is one like none other in the world. The 67′ house boat navigates the waters in the 200+ mile tributary of the Yukon putting you smack dab in the heart of pike country. The fishery is limited to 6 guests per week, meaning little fishing pressure. The operation also has a strict barbless hook and catch and release policy to ensure that this fishery thrives for future generations.

If you haven’t experienced the jaw dropping, ferocious strike of a northern pike, you are truly missing out on one of the most exciting fish around. These fish attack with reckless abandon for one reason and one reason only… to kill. If that is not enough, more times that not you see everything unfold. Your fly lands on the water and within a few strips of your streamer, multiple wakes close in on your fly and BAM! The fight is on.



Your trip takes place aboard the beautiful 67 x 16 foot houseboat called the ‘Midnight Sun’. Providing a new twist to sport fishing in Alaska; this boat is designed with all of the creature comforts and modern amenities for up to six guests per week. The boat has three staterooms, each sleeping two guests. Each room is set up with two twin beds, reading lamp for each bed and storage for clothing and personal items. There are two bathrooms providing full shower, sink and commode facilities which are shared by all guests.

Meals are hot, hardy and homemade. After a long day of fishing, you are met by appetizers and refreshments. Pork loin, roasted chicken, pasta, salmon (when available) and steaks are cooked to your liking. Breakfast is made to order and consist of traditional American offerings. Lunches are large deli style sandwiches that are sure to hit the spot. Most fishermen end up leaving with a few extra pounds.

Your trip is set up for six guests per week to ensure not only successful fishing but a memorable and enjoyable trip. Midnight Sun offers its guests maximum care and service with our schedule arranged to provide personal attention to every guest.

The lounge and dining areas encompass the forward half of the boat and provide ample room to stretch out, relax and exchange the day’s fish stories. The lounge area is equipped with CD stereo and DVD player. The fore and aft decks are both covered and set up to enjoy a relaxing afternoon. The upper deck has a fully covered and screened in 45 x 16′ area creating a lot of space for those wanting to enjoy a bug free quiet drink and watch Alaska’s midnight sun skirt the horizon.


Here’s What’s Included Once Aboard The Midnight Sun:

  • 5 days of guided fishing (two anglers per boat)
  • Lodging (two twin beds per room)
  • 3 meals per day
  • Beer & soda
  • Flies (feel free to bring your own)
  • Unlimited pre-trip advice
  • Travel arrangement assistance

Here’s What’s NOT Included:

  • Alaska Fishing License
  • Airfare to/from Anchorage, AK
  • Lodging before and after in Anchorage, AK
  • Airfare to/from Aniak, AK
  • Waders (a must)
  • Boots WITHOUT studs (a must)
  • Rain gear (a must)
  • Polarized Sun Glasses (a must)
  • Liquor

NOTE: It is recommended to overnight in Anchorage the day of arrival and departure to ensure you catch your flight.

Group Date: July or August 2018

Trip Itinerary:

Friday: Fly into Anchorage, AK and overnight in hotel
Saturday: Fly into Aniak in the AM, board a charter flight to a village near houseboat. From the village, take a boat to the houseboat. Unpack then fish the rest of the day.
Sunday: Full day of fishing
Monday: Full day of fishing
Tuesday: Full day of fishing
Wednesday: Full day of fishing
Thursday: Full day of fishing
Friday: Depart houseboat in the AM to village, then charter to Aniak, and flight to Anchorage.


How To Reserve Your Spot or Ask Questions:

If you have any questions, or if you would like to reserve your spot, fill out the form and I will get back to you as soon as possible. If you are interested in another date, please let us know. We would be more than happy to talk to you about setting up a trip and get you all available dates for this year and next.

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